LYNAYS Industries is a company that has been working since 2007 in the domain of the electric power, especially regarding efficient management of energy movements by using a state-of-the-art Technology: the Field Commander Energy Saving Technology.



imgLYNAYS Industries sets a goal of putting the engineering and technology to the service of its fellow citizens in order to improve their life quality while contributing to a better management of the natural environment by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.
Our mission therefoe consists in providing continually reliable and sustainable solutions to the critical issues the society is facing by supplying Reliable Technical Energy Solutions.

Saving Energy stands as one of the most cost-effective means to create more available energy for public use. It is also the better way to make the private sector more competitive by reducing energy consumption related bills.

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The Field Commander is a complete electronic management system. As such, it can carry out simultaneously multisite management through various applications in miscellaneous domains (administrative buildings and private services, process factories and high buildings, cold storage facilities…) and make significant energy savings by reducing energy consumptions.

Smart site energy management
Effective energy management of High Buildings
Significant energy savings (10 to 50%)
Multisite supervision from a single monitoring point
Detailed energy measured data (kWh & kW) and energy consumption report running on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
Preventive maintenance of technical equipment.

This technology provides LYNAYS the means to help:

1. Governments to cut power consumption related charges down to 10 – 50% and make significant power savings at peak working hours, thus contributing to self-sufficiency in energy and lowering power cost.

2. Owners of high buildings to reduce electricity consumption (air-conditioning, machinery and lighting) of 10 to 45%.

3. Private companies to shrink electricity consumption of 10 to 45% in office buildings and of 10 to 40% in processing industries, thus making them more competitive on the domestic and foreign markets.

4. Banks, insurance companies and supermarkets reduce their power consumption of 20 to 40%.

5. Factory, 10 to 40%

6. Homes, 15 to 45%

The implementation of LYNAYS’ technology in three (3) buildings of the Ivorian administration has allowed a yearly power saving which represents an achievement of more than FCFA 320 million saving per annum along with an additional power gain of 2,15MW that could electrify more than 12 rural localities.